Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My video to President Obama regarding his plans to not attend the Intern...

Yesterday the world of social media was buzzing with the fact that President Obama would not be attending the International AIDS conference in Washington, DC. What does this say to all of us living with HIV/AIDS? This coupled with the fact that this administration has made the largest reductions in HIV/AIDS funding is very disturbing.

Please, do not give me a speech about how much the President or his administration has support the HIV/AIDS community. The latino population has a right to be angry about this adminstration's unwillingness to address immigration issues and the LGBT community at times has been up-in-arms regarding marriage equality issues. Why then should the HIV/AIDS community not protest and be angry about this symbolization of disrespect towards us?

This is not simply another conference but rather it is the first time in two decades that the International AIDS conference has been on American soil. This has to serve as an alarm for all of us that are not only living with HIV/AIDS but also those that are fighting for the cause. It is time to break out the red bullhorns and to get angry. Who is going to protest with me, who is going to get angry with me? We must let the President and his administration know that this is unacceptable and we will not tolerate this lack of interest and action!

Aaron M. Laxton


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