Wednesday, May 28, 2008

In the Army now...

So last night I was sitting in my hotel and I decided I was hungry. There I was, sitting in my clothes becuase I was to exhausted to get out of my clothing. I put on my shoes and I managed to muster the strength to wonder the halls and go downstairs to the front desk and see what they had, which wasnt much. You know the standard, junk food, bottled water and typical hygiene products. After much thought, which was actually like 3 minutes, I decided on a very healthy ice cream cone. Good choice, I thought. Anyway I digress, after paying I made my way back to the elevator to head back to my room. There was a kid going up to the floor that I was on. He looked to be 18-19 max and as first glance he could have been mistaken to a freshman in highschool. He looked at me, and me not so much at him. I was tired, I couldnt be bothered. He asked me if I was military and I knew the reason for asking. I had figured out that the hotel served as a holding cell for new recruits eading off to battle themselves, our enemy and maybe each other. The kid asked me if I were military, to which I replied "no". I left it at that, not mentioning the fact that I was once where he was at. I asked if he was, and he proudly but with a hint of fear in his voice that he was leaving for basic training the next day in Fort Jackson, South Carolina. For a moment, I thought do I offer advice of things to do and not to do. No, I thought.. He needs to figure these things out for himself. So as I rounded the corner to head to my room I only offered, "Good luck and thanks.." The thanks did nothing more than to boost an ego that was in desperate need of boosting. I know the days and nights and the moments of doubt that lay ahead for him. Gone are the days of high school and the little cares that go with it. I walked to my room remembering that that was me.
Here I am on a business trip, a world away from where I was when I was 18 and things have changed. I guess that this is the ebbs and flows of life. You learn, you love and you lose. Am I cynical, your damn right... So as he faces his challenges, his wars and battles. I face my own albeit not on an actual battle field but rather others areas. The same as we all face but to some end it seems as though there will be no resolve, today tomorrow or ever. I can lie and say that there will be but I am not as deluded as to do so. I will just keep my mouth shut and carry on.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Compromise [1com·pro·mise]: concept of finding agreement through communication, through a mutual acceptance of terms—often involving variations from an original goal or desire
At an early age we all learn the very essence of this word. Whether it is a deal we made with a friend to share toys in the toy box, an agreement we made with a sibling to share something or maybe even a parent, in order to watch tv a little longer. It is part of life. If you do this, I will do this or vise versa. No one person can exactly have everything what they want. That is just not reality and besides if you did have everything the exact way that you wanted, wouldn't it be boring? So even as we learn at an early age that we must share and compromise we sometimes tend to lose the ability to do this as we become adults. In a way, I think we act more cihldren. It is almost like I want it my way and I want it now. While everyone has there argument for why their stance is the best, often no side is at fault or differs that greatly from the other. It is just that when you are dealing with people you have to try to mesh personalities, lifestyles, habits and so on, into one cohesive unit.
Sometimes a compromise can not be reached. I mean lets be realistic this is just the way life goes. Personally though I think that before this concession is made that everything should have been done before everything is scrapped and people go their serperate ways.
Giving in, listening, compromising, standing your ground... these are all things that people do when they are in love especially and it is not easy. I mean come on, if it were everyone would be in love and happily married ever-after. Sometimes people though think it is far to easy to just walk away.
As with most things in life, if it is worth having it is worth fighting for. Remember the happiest time, the laughter whatever. Then think about the thing that is driving a wedge between you and that other person and see if it equals out.
"For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else."